What is an Industry Sour? How to Customize?

by Anne Zavala

The Industry Sour is one of the most popular and delicious cocktails. It resembles the classic cocktail The Last Word, but instead of using simple syrup, this drink uses Maraschino liqueur and Fernet-Branca. These two ingredients change the color of the drink from green to dark orange. While the ingredients are the same, some differences will remain. You can easily customize the Industry Sour to suit your taste.

Customize the industry sour with these ingredients

The first ingredient in this drink is pisco brandy, which is typically a grape brandy from Chile. Then, add fresh lemon and lime juice, simple syrup, egg white, and bitters. Then, garnish with an orange slice or maraschino cherry. Other variations of this drink include the Ward 8 (bourbon whiskey, lime juice, grenadine syrup, and bitters), and the Midori Sour.

If you want to try the original recipe, add cachaca and lime juice. Add ice to make it easier to stir. Then, garnish with a lime slice or maraschino cherry. A variation of this drink may be a mango sour, a lucuma sour, or a maracuya sour. Whatever type of cocktail you’re looking for, there’s a recipe out there for you.

A twist on this classic cocktail is a new twist on an old classic. It is made with lemon juice, gin, and sugar. If you’re looking for a more unique cocktail, try mixing the ingredients with a citrus or exotic fruit. Some of these are lemon, pineapple, or mango sour. If you’re looking for something a bit sweeter, try a peach-bourbon sour.

For a more traditional version, mix bourbon whiskey with lime juice and sugar. Then, add grenadine and add a dash of carbonated water to create a fizz. It’s a perfect cocktail for all occasions and is a great choice for parties. While a cocktail can’t be used to describe an entire industry, it can be used to explain a product or service.

An industry sour is a cocktail that is usually made by mixing bourbon with lemon juice. It is a cocktail that is typically served over ice and is commonly called a whiskey sour. Some variations of this drink include mango, maracuya, passion fruit, and lucuma. A classic recipe for an industry sour will include the ingredients of these ingredients. If you are looking for a unique cocktail, consider experimenting with different ingredients.

The classic Industry Sour is made by mixing bourbon with lime juice and sugar. The ingredients should be strained and then served over ice. Traditionally, the cocktail is served with an orange slice and a maraschino cherry. There are many variations of the whiskey sour, and some of them are quite unique. If you want to try the traditional version, just mix the ingredients in a blender until they reach the desired taste and consistency.

The classic recipe is a combination of bourbon whiskey and lemon juice. The ingredients are added together to create a classic cocktail. The ingredients used in an industry sour are a combination of bourbon whiskey, lime juice, sugar, and lime. In some variations, the sour will contain other ingredients, including grenadine, pineapple, and mango. It can be a strong drink or a light one, depending on the drink.


Typically, an industry sour is made with bourbon whiskey, lime juice, and sugar. The ingredients can be used to make a variety of variations of the drink. The ingredients of an industry sour can vary depending on the brand used. For instance, the traditional recipe of a whiskey sour contains bourbon brandy, lime juice, and sugar. The original version of an industry sour may also contain grenadine or mango liqueur.

When making an industry sour, you’ll need a few things to mix. The drink should be strained, and the bitters should be sprinkled on top. You should also garnish it with Angostura bitters and use a stirrer to draw zigzags across the bitters. For the garnish, use an edible flower or other item you’d like to display. Adding an edible flower will add a beautiful touch to the drink and will add a touch of style to the drink.

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