Types Of Wood Pelletizer Machines By Yulong

by Anne Zavala

Different industries depend on various kinds of machineries for their regular working. One of the important kinds of machines is the pellet machines or pellet mills, which are also called wood pelletizer, which convert powdered or ground materials into pellets. These machines are used in many fields, like bio-mass energy production, agriculture, animal feed production and fisheries to name a few.

Pellet mills can become a source of income if they are produced regularly and can market their products efficiently. Let us see how businesses and companies can focus on pellet production and distribution to earn money. These pellets are used in many industries and they have a lot of importance.

How Can Pellet Mills Can Be An Income Source?

Many people have failed to realize how they can produce, market and distribute organic pellets to various industries and have a constant source of income. In fact, this can be made into a solid business plan, with proper strategies and ideas for growth and success.

Bio-mass energy plants make electricity and other forms of energy from rejected organic wastes including agricultural wastes, wood wastes and forest residues. Using pellet mills in small, empty rooms, or in warehouses, it would be easy to make a steady supply of pellets. Bioenergy plants, among other industries use these pellets as a main form of fuel, and would be ready to strike a deal with companies and businesses who can provide them with the required quantity.

It would seem that making and selling pellets can really become a profitable business in the long run. In fact, it is a great idea to start a small business that focuses on production and sale of such pellets.

Types Of Pellets

Generally, pellets are made by compressing finely ground material and then passing them through a die with holes of required size. Depending on the kind of material used for the pellets, they can be classified into different types.

1. Wood Pellets

This is the most common kind of pellet fuel used. It is made from compacted sawdust and other wastes received from woodwork and the lumber industry.

2. Rice Husk Pellets

This is also a type of biomass product used in biomass energy production plants. This kind of pellet is made from rice husk and in some cases, rice hull. This is the outermost crust of paddy grains, and has low calorie content as compared to the grains.

3. Straw Pellets

This kind of pellets is not usually used in biomass energy plants. Instead, it is often used in heat production, as animal feed, and also as animal bedding. This is made from raw straw, and usually a lot of steps are involved in its production.

4. Waste Wood Pellets

These kinds of pellets are made from compressed waste wood particles, and is commonly used as a fuel. They are a good alternative to charcoal, firewood, oil and gas in heating, cooking, boilers and power plants.


It seems evident that production and sale of pellets are indeed a great choice to start a small business. Depending on the needs of other industries, it might even turn out to give a great income, and might even turn a small business to a big one. Yulong pellet mill is a great choice for beginners, since it uses the latest technology to produce pellets efficiently and quite fast.

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