Recycling and Resource Efficiency driving innovation in European Manufacturing SMEs

by Anne Zavala

The REMake partnership addresses innovation support for the lead market area of recycling and resource efficiency (RRE). The testing of a comprehensive set of consulting tools by means of a two-stage voucher scheme for manufacturing SMEs producing or applying RRE technologies, constitutes the core of its activities.

The participating six national and regional agencies, three industrial associations and seven technical centres and consultants plan to test with the SMEs, a self-assessment tool on RRE innovation performance as well as training and consultancy modules on RRE-oriented eco-design, life-cycle assessment, and eco-innovation management.

Seeking competitive advantage with an early adoption of eco-innovation standards and labels in the RRE field will be supported by a new database information system.

Project objectives

REMake targets SMEs with ambitions to grow along the future greening processes in the manufacturing of engineered products focussing, in particular, on innovations concerning the lead market for RRE in most relevant sub-sectors of the manufacturing industry such as fabricated metal products, plastic products, surface finishing, mechanical engineering, electric and electronic equipment.

In this target area, the project sets out to address a number of sector-related innovation barriers, notable those related to:

  • Access to technical and non-technical innovation knowledge;
  • Improvement of technical and non-technical innovation skills;
  • Better cooperation inside of supply chains through promotion of innovation services;
  • Promotion of the use of innovation-enabling standards. 

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