Industries that Benefit from Plastic Machining

by Anne Zavala

Plastic CNC machining is merely a subtractive manufacturing process which transforms a plastic material into a finished part using a lathe machine, milling machine, or any other machine. Unlike metal material, plastic material is softer, and hence CNC machines tend to run faster in turning the design into the physical part with higher efficiency. Thanks to invention of the industrial-grade polymers, plastic machining services are into almost all modern industries is unstoppable. For instance, plastic materials are lightweight, cheap, and durable.

Why CNC plastic Machining?

CNC plastic machining offers a plethora of advantages when compared with injection molding, 3D printing, and rapid prototyping. For instance, it offers tighter tolerances, it’s more economical with the lower volumes than the injection molding, and it works for a variety of materials.

Applications of CNC Plastic Machining

When it comes to specifically CNC plastic machining, several choices for various needs can be made. For instance, CNC plastic parts can widely be applied in medical, aerospace, oil and gas, and many other industries.

The most common plastic materials that can be used for CNC machining include; ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), POM, Nylon (polyamide), polycarbonate (PC), PEEK, and PTFE (Teflon).

Application in Musical Instruments

CNC machines have unmatched precision capabilities, which perhaps could never be more significant than when creating the musical instruments, especially plastic instruments. Every component requires that it’s cut to the exact specifications and then interact well to produce an excellent range of sounds.

The CNC routers for instance, help manufacturers to produce several quantities of the high-quality products on consistent basis. It helps not to sacrifice the performance of pieces anywhere in the entire process.


CNC plastic machining has found its way in the medical industry for a long period now, and getting even better. Most of the devices used in the medical industry are disposable and hence high precision is required as well as high volume to ensure that the facilities have enough. Sometimes, prototypes can be required, especially when testing new ideas before they can request for full production. Therefore, CNC plastic machining being arguably the best is widely applicable in this industry.

Aerospace industry

Most devices in the aerospace industry encounter conditions such as fast air currents, extreme pressures, and high speeds almost all the time. Therefore, to avoid damage on the aircraft, every component in the aircraft is required to be constructed precisely. CNC machining is the best sure way to ensure that everything is kept as it should be to avoid any complications.

Food Processing Industry

Another major application of the CNC plastic machining is in the food processing industry. It’s arguably one of the most sensitive sectors that require being operational all the time given that everyone must eat to maintain a living.

Therefore, the demand is very high and to meet the demand speed is crucial. Moreover, precision and consistence is required in the process, which can only be offered by CNC machining. Even the plastic packing products should be produced at an equal speed with precision. It’s clear that CNC machining is almost everywhere in the manufacturing industry.

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