Identifying a Reliable Freight Forwarder for Your Needs

by Anne Zavala

If you would like to ship products from China to Germany and work in the logistics department, you must know just how challenging it is to locate a reliable partner. Sometimes, having several options makes it even harder for you to identify the most reliable ones. How do you find a trustworthy freight forwarder in the range of options available on the market? One of the most important missions of a freight forwarder is finding the perfect agent to work with. Following that, today’s post covers a detailed subject on the sea freight shipping quest from China to Germany.

Does the partner have a powerful logistics network?

Several logistics networks are playing the role of connecting international freight forwarders.

When the partner you have chosen has strong entrepreneurial networks, it shows that they have a well-established network of high-profile agents worldwide.

This is to show that the partner is trustworthy and has worked with companies responsible for local handling of commodities of the international shipments in origin and destination ports.

Assess Expertise and Financial Background

An additional great way of finding an experienced freight forwarder to conduct business with is by assessing the expertise and financial background.

This should arm you with a viable and better idea of their values, coupled with what they have accomplished over the past few years.

You will also get to know if the firm is solid, including the kind of services they provide, and whether they can assist you when issues emerge.

 References Should Help You with Decision Making

Hearing the experience of a freight forwarder who has initially worked with a given company you would like to be partners with is a great idea.

Feedback is an effective way of maintaining a track record of its history, including how reliable they are with other agents. This should simplify the process of choosing the right one for you.

Analyze the Range of Services Provided

Every industry comes with specific requirements when dealing with international shipping. So when selecting a freight forwarder, it is crucial to confirm that the party offers a broad range of services. This involves the type of services you need.

Your analysis should ensure that all international shipments go smoothly.

Some of these services are such as

  • Keeping a track record of inland transportation
  • Preparing import as well as export documentation
  • Inventory management and finally, bookkeeping

Is the Party Reliable?

Is the freight forwarder reliable? Are they experienced, and can they help you find solutions for moving products from China to Germany?

For you to be sure, you should ask them a few questions to access their qualifications in transporting your products.

Also, find out if the freight forwarder has a business license from the government.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, shipping goods from China may be complex as it entails many steps like warehousing, customs issues, and cargo insurance, among others. With the development of international business and trade, the logistics sector has also developed. A reliable freight forwarder is the only key to finding solutions for moving products from China to Germany.

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