Boosting recycling and resource efficiency in manufacturing SMEs

by Anne Zavala

REMake aims to design, implement and test a novel scheme to support innovation, fostering greening processes of the manufacturing industry.

Through innovation vouchers, manufacturing SMEs have access to technical and business/innovation expertise in a simple and practical way.

Companies are invited to test vouchers and to provide feedback to make this support system even more business and SME friendly.

Business, innovation and technical experts are working in your local language and are linked to a network that opens markets Europe-wide and internationally. 

What is an Innovation Voucher?

The innovation voucher is a new funding scheme tested by the public innovation agencies demea (Germany), OSEO (France), Innovhub Milan (Italy), DII Navarra and CICI Valencia (Spain) and WRAP (UK).

The voucher allows manufacturing SMEs to access technical, business and innovation support, in the field of recycling and resource efficiency. 

Is the innovation voucher for you?

Are you a SME registered in France, Germany, Italy (Milan), Spain (Navarra and Valencia) or the UK, working in the manufacturing industry and wanting to be more profitable through resource efficiency?

Would you welcome external technical and/or business/innovation experts to support your SME?

Would you like to access state-of-the-art technical and business expertise on recycling and resource efficiency in the manufacturing industry?

If your answer is yes, then the innovation voucher is the right solution to help your manufacturing SME to become more profitable, by using less resources.

What do I get for a voucher?
  • Analysis of material flows and assessment of savings potentials;
  • Life-cycle analysis and eco-design support;
  • Consultancy on the incorporation of recycled content into products;
  • Advice on the implementation of technological innovation measures;
  • Management of eco-innovation and financing solutions. 

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