A Beginners Guide To Anodizing Aluminum

by Anne Zavala

Ddprototyping is one of the leading prototyping companies in the market. The company offers rapid prototyping services for a wide range of clients. In addition to the incredible prototyping services, the company also boasts of offering several other services, including anodizing aluminum services.

What is anodizing aluminum?

Anodizing is a technique used to change the surface chemistry and elements of metals like aluminum. It is mostly done to protect the metal surface from corrosion and scratches. Anodizing aluminum also helps enhance the aesthetic qualities of metal. While aluminum is the most common type of metal on which anodizing can be done, several other metals can also be treated using this technique. For instance, cast iron and titanium.

How does anodizing aluminum achieve its objective?

As mentioned earlier, the main objective of anodizing aluminum is to increase its durability, aesthetic appeal and protect it from issues like corrosion and scratching. The creation of a barrier layer achieves these objectives during the anodizing process. The process works by triggering the reaction between the aluminum surface and oxygen ions. This reaction leads to the formation of aluminum oxide.

Aluminum oxide is the protective or barrier layer. It is called the barrier layer because it prevents the surface from further reacting with oxygen and other chemicals. This means that the surface will no longer be susceptible to corrosion or the formation of rust. Depending on the company offering aluminum anodizing services and the type of process, a series of layers can be formed. The thicker the layer, the more the surface is created from further oxidation. Oxidation is the process through which metals react with oxygen to form rust or corrosion.

Why does aluminum need to be anodized?

Aluminum is one of the hardest metals in existence. For this reason, it is used to manufacture a wide range of items in almost all industries. It is also worth noting that aluminum does not rust. Therefore, a lot of people often wonder why the metal needs to be anodized. While aluminum does not rust, it is susceptible to deterioration in the presence of oxygen. Oxygen is a very reactive element. When aluminum is exposed to oxygen in the air, it reacts and gets corroded. Anodizing it helps form a protective aluminum oxide layer which protects it from further corrosion.

In addition to this, aluminum is also prone to damage from acid rain, saltwater, and other contaminants. These elements exploit its surface passivation weaknesses. Therefore, anodizing also helps in this case. Therefore, in simpler terms, anodizing aluminum helps shield it from harmful elements and helps increase its life span.

Final word

When choosing a company to take care of your anodizing aluminum needs, you must consider one with a good reputation. It would also help if you worked with a company that offers various types of anodizing services. This way, you have options. The amount of time it takes for the company to accomplish the task is also an element worth considering. Ddprototype offers all these and more. It is one of the best companies for anodizing aluminum.

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